Soma’s StrengthsFinder®


Soma’s StrengthsFinder­® 2.0

Power Connector
Strength: Connectedness

Soma believes that every person, every client, comes into her life for a definite purpose—adding mutual value. A natural networker, Soma can become the hub of a wheel of talent that will help you meet your goals. Whether you love networking or dread it, Soma offers training to put you on the road to connectedness and growth.

Dreamers Can Change the World
Strength: Individualization

Soma thrives on helping future thinkers and big dreamers, grow their businesses. By nature, Soma spends time examining problems or glitches and she won’t rest until she’s answered the questions: Who? What? Where? How? Why? From these powerful questions come the answers to your business growth.                           

Express Your Ideas Vividly
Strength: Strategic

Words are a superconductor and Soma can harness their power to bring compelling and vivid life to your expertise. Known for her creative problem-solving, Soma strives to find an engaging way to tell your stories to your best customers. Your ideas have the power to change the world, and Soma can teach you to share them.


Turn Your Ideas Into Income
Strength: Learner

Your ideas have inspired success in many clients and customers – so teach them to others. Put Soma’s passion for rigorous business education and innovative curriculum design practices to work for you. Her devotion to life-long learning can help you translate your ideas into teaching tools that spread your influence and earn passive income.

Live Your Purpose
Strength: Belief

Soma believes people are more committed to projects that make a direct impact on their lives, their business, and their bottom lines. When your energy flows into projects that map to strategies and concrete objectives, you can see the clear path to growth. With Intentional Growth Strategies, you can work and live instead of work to live.