It is the rare person who can combine business experience and expertise with the ability to teach and create a curriculum based on that expertise. Soma is that person. She is an accomplished educator and business woman and helps others to be accomplished in business and teaching. I’ve had the honor of working with Soma in several ways including business growth presentations and workshops. Most recently, she brilliantly transformed my networking content into interactive workshop curriculum that can be customized for various audiences. Having the curriculum modules means I will be able to extend my expertise and mission by being able to license other professional facilitators to run workshops using the material. And to top it off, Soma adds a dose of authentic care and excitement to the curriculum development process.

Teresa ThomasNetworking Speaker, Author, DirectorWomen In Networking

I’ve collaborated with Soma as a speaker in her Managing Diversity in the Workforce course and as part of the School of Business Advisory Board. What has impressed me most is the way in which she blends her business mindset with her role as an educator. She has a rare combination of business savvy, teaching skills, and the ability to connect with students that make her classes relevant and personal. She embodies the new model of teacher required for preparing a 21st Century workforce.

Bob ManningOwnerThe Passport Club

Soma constantly challenged my thinking and pushed me to greater success; working with her was an invaluable experience. I was fortunate to have Soma Jurgensen as an instructor in college and was immediately blown away by the amount of knowledge she had and her ability to explain things in a comprehensive way. Throughout my time working with Soma as her work-study she was able to help guide my passions and show me how to go out in my industry and make success happen.

Jared SebestaSenior Media PlannerDigitalParc