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Our presentations, workshops, and courses are designed to teach you and your team to grow your business. You can expect the best of B-School in a practical and interactive experience. Better yet, we use industry-proven curriculum and course design in every participant interaction—online or offline. After all, if professional development doesn’t transfer to growth – what’s the point? Book your learning experience today.

“Soma is a wealth of useful information, impeccable logic, fantastic stories, and personal philosophies which both educate and entertain.”

-Michael Thomas Sunnarborg, Author, Speaker, Transition Coach

Interactive presentations

Must-have 21st Century Business Skills

Each interactive training presentation is 1 – 1 ½ hours, on location*, and available to up to 30 people.

$750 per session. *travel charges may apply depending on distance

Topics include:

  • Networking when you don’t want to network
  • Three notes to scale up your sales
  • Unlock innovation with 4 Cs
  • Communicate so people act
  • Cultural competence is not PC
  • Team development with S.U.C.C.E.S.S

Hands-on workshops

Professional Training and Development

Invite up to 50 participants to transform their skills in networking, sales, branding, team development, and professional communication. Each three-hour session includes hands-on activities and free resources designed to immediately make a difference in your work and career.

$1,500* per topic or as noted below. *travel charges may apply depending on distance

Topics include: (click for more)

Networking Success

  • Networking strategy
  • Networking in action and follow-up
  • Fearless Follow-up: How to Turn Conversations into Clients

Communicate with Purpose

  • Write so people take action
  • Write better: Clear, concise, concrete
  • Business writing basics
  • 5 rules for sticky presentations

Develop Cohesive Teams *2 consecutive topics in three-hours

  • Part 1 – Build teams on trust
  • Part 2 – Feedback without Conflict
  • Part 3 – Securing Commitment
  • Part 4 – Creating a culture of accountability
  • Part 5 – Results oriented leadership

Sales Training

  • Three notes to scale up your sales (expanded)
  • Proposals that sell
  • Cultural competence for more sales

Branding Behind-the-Scenes

  • Branding basics
  • Personal brand and your mission
  • Employment branding

Online courses – coming soon!
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