Last month’s posts (March) had the theme of reflection and its role in your business success. As important as reflection is, one of the primary benefits from thinking critically about what we’ve done and how we think is to use our insights to plan for a stronger future. In my YouTube video, Winning Your First Year In Business: A Top Ten List, I count down ten mindset adjustments I made in my first year of business to be successful.

Now it’s time to take these insights and set out goals for year two. Since my core purpose is to serve you, my client or customer, I want to share these goals with you.

Spoiler Alert! I’m using the top three mindset secrets from the video to form this year’s goals; if you want to watch the video first, now’s the time!

Mindset Secret #3 – I’m playing the long game.

The sprint of starting up my business is giving way to the marathon of growing and sustaining it for the future. To create systems where my ability to serve clients extends beyond my physical presence, I need to develop systems for passive income that fills in the gaps of my training, learning design, and writing.

With the above goal in mind, I am working on translating my training courses, starting with Fearless Follow-Up: How to Turn Conversations into Clients into both mobile and e-learning platforms. By the end of this summer, you will be able to experience courses in networking, team cohesion, sales, and leadership in three ways: in-person, online, and on your mobile devices.

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Mindset Secret #2 – Give more than I receive.

I’m honored to receive considerable comments on the value of my blog. Thank you to all who have shared how much you’ve learned about growing your business. The blog is only one way I can give value to prospects and clients – I want to deliver value to you on another level.

The website is carefully written by me, designed graphically (DropCreative) and developed (SKOL Marketing) to be actionable and communicate the services I offer. In 2016, my goal is to spend time figuring out how to offer you more tangible value at multiple steps in your decision-making process.

If you’re interested in one of my books, soon you’ll be able to download a sample chapter before you buy. Has a training topic caught your eye? It won’t be long before you can download titles, descriptions, and tools to help you make a decision on the training that is most relevant for your team. Look for these enhancements and more over the course of the year.

Mindset Secret #1 – Dream forward to move forward.

A singular vision drives me forward every day – to transform the way entrepreneurs and employees of small/mid-sized business learn critical skills. The online learning landscape is fraught with recorded webinars, unfacilitated groups, promises of seven-figure incomes, and more focus on marketing programs than learning design.

You deserve better.

Imagine having the power of ivy league research, delivered in practical, bite-sized learning that’s just a tap or a click away. I pledge to bring you industry-leading theory in practical lessons designed as thoughtfully as you’d find in the nation’s top ten business schools.

Continuing Intentional Growth Strategies’ success into year two depends on our grit, vision, and our relationship with you.

What are your goals for the next year? Let’s learn together.